BMW S1000RR 09-12 - GBRacing Bullet Frame Slider Set - RACE

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Bullet Slider
The all New Bullet sliders from GBRacing.
Having listened to our customers and teams, we found that no one slider could satisfy both their needs. So we developed 2 versions, the 'Street Bullet Slider ' and 'Race Bullet Slider'

They have been developed and tested for their strength, effectiveness and durability on Race bikes in the British Superbike and Supersport Championship throughout the 2011 season, with excellent results

The Street version helps to protect the fairing from damage during minor slides by protruding from the fairing. Where as the Race version concentrates on helping to protect the frame as well as costly exposed parts on the bike, whilst minimising the risk of 'Flipping' the bike due to gripping, by being almost parallel or inside the fairing. Both sliders work as another point of contact, along with the GBRacing engine case covers, to minimise damage in the event of a crash.

They have been engineered with the highest level of care and attention to detail, designed to dissipate force in their structure and to bend under heavy forces rather than transferring these potential forces through the bike. The aluminium tubular design absorbs the impact and distortion and the fixing bolt cap head is always 5mm from the stock mounting position, greatly minimising unnecessary leverage.

- Designed to minimise damage in a crash and save money
- They bend under heavy loads and minimise bike flip
- Just replace the moulded bullet after most crashes - reducing the cost of repairs
- Race proven in BSB and BSS
- Race Bullets for race bikes
- Street Bullets for road bikes (increased fairing protection)
- Works with GBRacing engine case covers for maximum protection
- Registered Design Number: 4018779
RACE - Bullet Slider

Note: The 2012 Right hand side fairing requires modification to fit correctly.
  •       ‘Race’ designed, for mounting under or flush with the fairing thus virtually eliminating 'bike flipping'
  • Reducing damage to frame and other costly parts
  • Another point contact for sliding, in conjunction with engine case covers
  • Aluminum tubular design absorbing impact and distortion
  • Bolt cap head is always 5mm away from stock mounting position - minimising the leverage
  • Low cost bullet moulding replacement
  • Registered design no: 4018779

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BMW S1000RR 09-12 - GBRacing Bullet Frame Slider Set - RACE

BMW S1000RR 09-12 - GBRacing Bullet Frame Slider Set - RACE


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